GRAPEFRUIT. What does it really do for you?

Grapefruits are used in many diets to reduce the appetite and to help digestion and utilization of foods. They are low in calories, and are considered an excellent weight loss food. They are high in antioxidants, especially Vitamin C, which will help to boost your immunity during times of heavy stress.

Although it may be best known for its low-calorie role in weight loss, the grapefruit contains a generous dose of health-promoting nutrients. Because it is rich in vitamin C, this winter citrus may help prevent colds and improve lung function. Lycopene, the pigment that accounts for grapefruit’s pink color, has been linked to a reduced risk for prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease. High levels of folate in grapefruit may also help ward off cardiovascular disease. Another one of grapefruit’s assets is potassium, which, besides preventing muscle cramps and maintaining blood pressure, plays a vital role in heart, kidney, and digestive functions.

⚠️Grapefruit and medication: A cautionary note (Grapefruit and Drug Interactions)…Although grapefruit is a healthy addition to a well-balanced diet, the fruit has been shown to affect the metabolism of many medications, increasing the risk of toxicity and adverse effects.

Check with your healthcare provider about consuming grapefruit juice if you’re taking prescriptions medications because certain prescription medications combined with grapefruit juice can become more potent.



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