Have a Meatless Monday

Eating vegan or vegetarian, even one day a week, can have lasting benefits for your health.

The benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains and legumes, are well-known, and the evidence in support of plant-based diets is only getting stronger.

One good way to sneak more vegetables into your diet is to launch a full-on assault one day a week. The Meatless Monday movement has caught the imaginations of many people, inspiring them to find vegan/vegetarian options for all of their meals one day a week. Inevitably, as you develop recipes you enjoy, those vegan and/or vegetarian options will infiltrate the other meals you eat throughout the week.

So visit www.MeatlessMonday.com to learn more about the community of once-a-week vegans and vegetarians.


7 thoughts on “Have a Meatless Monday

  1. Hi! I just read your profile on veganbodybuilding.com and before I even began reading I was impressed! I’m so excited to find another African American vegan woman who also competes! Then I saw that you also had a “veganbikini-” website! You are definitely an inspiration, and I’m excited for your future articles and any information that you’ll be posting.

  2. Hi Harriet, I can do this!! Meatless Monday, starting today.. You are my inspiration!! thanks so much for all your posts.

    Take care sis!

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