Lunges for Toning your Glutes and Thighs

It’s Hump Day… That means it’s time to add another exercise to your Bootylicious Butt workout!

Exercise: Bulgarian Split-Squats (lunges with the rear foot elevated).

Target Muscles: Gluteus Maximus, Hamstrings, and Quadriceps.

Split squats are another way to vary traditional lunges. In this exercise, you elevate the back foot onto a bench, step, or platform which places more emphasis on the front leg and adds a balance challenge, which makes this exercise pretty tough.

1. Stand about 2 feet or so in front of a step or platform and place the left leg on the platform, either resting on the toe or the top of the foot.

2. Make sure your feet are wide enough that the front knee stays behind the toe when you lunge down.

3. When you have your balance, bend both knees and lower down into a lunge.

4. Push through the front heel to stand up and repeat for 10-16 reps before switching sides.

*Hold a barbell or weights for added intensity.

Form pointers:
Only go down as low as you comfortably can. This move does require flexibility in the hip flexors…if you feel tight in the front of the hips, stick with regular lunges.

Make sure the front knee does not go beyond the toe or your risk hurting the knee joint.

You may need to work on just getting the positioning right with no weight first – good form is key!



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