Bootylicious Butt Workout: Plié Squats

It’s Hump Day… That means it’s time to add another exercise to your Bootylicious Butt workout!

Today’s exercise: Elevated Plié Squat
Target muscles: Glutes, quads, and inner thighs.

The Plié Squat involves a variation on foot placement that helps target your leg muscles in different ways. In a plié squat, you incorporate a bit more inner thigh than in traditional squats. This can be a nice variation to add to your routine if you need a new challenge. The advantage of the elevated plié squat is increased range of motion when you are elevated on a bench.


1. Stand on the bench and grasp a single dumbbell or an Olympic plate.

2. Stand with your feet spaced slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Point your toes very slightly outwards.

3. Holding the weight between your legs, squat down making sure to keep your knees in line with toes, abs contracted, your back straight and your head up.

4. Inhale, and lower yourself (as far as your flexibility and balance permit) into a sitting position. Your thighs should be as parallel to the floor as you can get them.

5. Exhale and push your heels firmly into the bench. Pressing through your heels, push your hips forward to return to the starting position (without locking your knees). Remember to keep your weight on your heels as you stand up and as always, contract your glutes (and inner thigh muscles) at the top!
That’s one rep!

Repeat the plie squat 10 to 15 times for a total of 3-4 sets, as long as you can do so with proper form. Rest for 30 seconds between sets.



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