Operation Bootylicious Hump Day Exercise: The Single Leg Press-downs on Assisted Dip Machine

Are you looking for a new exercise to target the glutes? Look no further than the Chin/Dip Assist Machine. Use this classic upper body machine to shape your backside. Check it out!

Today’s Exercise: The Single Leg Press-downs on Assisted Dip Machine
Target muscles: Glutes

1. After setting the weight, grasp the handles of an assisted pull-up machine and bend one knee to place your entire foot on the platform.

2. Keeping your abs tight, press down through your heel to extend your working leg until your feet are parallel with each other.

3. Hold for one count, shifting your working hip slightly forward and squeezing your glute, then return under control to the start position.

4. Repeat for 15-20 reps, then switch legs and do it again. That’s one set! Repeat the single leg press-downs for a total of 3-4 sets.


4 thoughts on “Operation Bootylicious Hump Day Exercise: The Single Leg Press-downs on Assisted Dip Machine

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  3. Have you considered using a leg press or hack squat machine rather than taking up and potentially damaging another machine needlessly?

    1. Yes, of course. Now that I don’t workout 1:1 with a personal trainer in a private gym (that was the case in this picture), I don’t use that machine for anything other than assisted pull-ups!

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