My Second Magazine Feature: Oxygen Magazine (April 2014 Edition)

Today I came home to a huge surprise…I received the April 2014 edition of Oxygen Magazine and saw myself in the Future of Fitness: Rising Stars segment!

I made it my goal for 2014 to get published in a magazine, little did I know I would accomplish that goal already TWICE in March!

Again, I am truly honored to be featured in the April 2014 Edition of Oxygen Magazine! Thank you Oxygen Magazine for giving me this opportunity to inspire and motivate others to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle!



2 thoughts on “My Second Magazine Feature: Oxygen Magazine (April 2014 Edition)

  1. Congrats!!!!!! For the past few months, I’ve been researching/looking at/mind-prepping (LOL!!!) into bikini competitions. I am vegetarian right now and am slowly, yet surely, transitioning to vegan. I have Never, I mean NEVER thought that I’d be even thinking about joining the gym, lifting weights, and possibly training for a competition one day. I’ve been looking for inspiration, for ladies who are vegetarian and vegan who do it. I’m also trying to find someone close to me who can possibly give me some advice. I’m in Gastonia. And lo and behold, I find you on In Charlotte. And…yea. It’s kinda amazing to me. Something like a big deal. If you have any advice for me, a direction to point me in, anything, I’m willing to hear. Thanks for this blog and your inspiration.

    1. Tisha, thank you for those comments. My goal is to educate, promote, and inspire others with regards to plant-based nutrition! I hope that you will find many helpful things on my blog to help you make the decision with regards to competing. The MOST IMPORTANT thing with regards to bodybuilding on a plant-based diet is to educate yourself on building muscle as a vegan or vegetarian. Many trainers and/or competition prep coaches have more experience with building muscle using animal-based proteins BUT you must understand plant-based nutrition and advocate for yourself. One of my first blog topics “Where Do You Get Your Protein?” covers many vegan protein sources. I use an app on my Smartphone to track my macros (protein, carbohydrates, fats) on a daily basis. However, once you start preparing for a competition, your diet won’t vary much but, tracking your macronutrients is still helpful (avoiding too many carbs, etc). Depending on your body type, a knowledgeable competition prep coach/trainer will provide you with a specific meal plan to follow for competition prep. I think you have my email address ( but if not, please message me at: Again, thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

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