Operation Bootylicious Hump Day Exercise: The Kneeling Cable Kickback

It’s Hump Day… That means it’s time to add another exercise to your Bootylicious Butt workout!

Want to hit all three glute muscles with a bang? Nothing does it better than the kneeling cable kickback. A variation of the standing cable kickback, kneeling demands more effort from the glutes because the range of motion is greater. It also works against gravity. Check it out today’s exercise: Kneeling Cable Kickbacks

Target Muscles: glutes, hamstrings

Place a flat bench in front of a weight stack. Attach a cuff to one of your ankles and then attach the cuff to the weight stack.

Kneel on the bench with the free leg and position your hands under your shoulders. Bring the cuffed leg far forward, then slowly back and as high as possible.

Like with the squats, try to push backwards with your heel to generate more contraction to the glute region.

Contract your glutes tightly, hold for two counts.You can also add pulses while the leg is in extension and the glutes are being contracted for a little extra “burn.”

Then slowly return back to the starting position.

Perform 4 sets of 12-15 repetitions for each leg.

Begin with a moderate weight (30-40 pounds) to perfect your technique.

The Glute Kickback is an awesome compound exercise that targets the glute muscles and hamstrings to great effect. So use this variation of the cable kickback to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings and GET BOOTYLICIOUS !!!



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