How Safe is Your Swimming Pool?

As a parent, your child’s safety is of utmost importance. You would do anything to protect him or her. Yet, according to Safe Kids USA, 69 percent of drowning or near-drowning incidents occur while one or both parents are supervising, and 65 percent occur in the family pool. How can this be?

Unfortunately, many pool deaths result from children leaving the house and getting into the yard without supervision.

There are many hidden dangers that parents don’t consider such as leaving toys in or near the pool which can attract children to the water. Or not maintaining the area around the pool. Make sure that latches on pool fences are working properly.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips:
The key to pool safety is using multiple layers of protection:

• Constant supervision is the most important rule. A designated “water watcher” is needed at all times when children are in or near water.

• Construct a four-sided, four-foot-high barrier to enclose the pool, and offer access only through a self-closing, self-latching gate.

• Install alarms Pool alarms alert you if a child accidentally winds up in the pool. They’re available for use on house doors, windows, fence gates or as in-pool motion detectors.

• Keep safety equipment including a safety hook, lifesaving ring and telephone close by.

• Learn infant and child CPR.

• Install a power safety cover to use when no one is swimming.

• Keep pool furniture and other items that can be climbed on away from the fence, preferably inside the fenced-in area.

• Don’t leave toys in or near the pool.

• Provide your child with swimming lessons starting at age 4. (However, lessons aren’t a safeguard against drowning and should never replace supervision).

As a parent and homeowner, swimming pool safety is your responsibility. Commit to being alert and vigilant when children are in the vicinity of a swimming pool. Keep swimming fun and safe. Be alert, stay close and watch!!! To learn more, visit the US Consumer Product Safety Commission



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