Glute-ology 101: Building Bootylicious Glutes

Glute-ology 101
To shape the perfect glutes, you have to target your butt from many angles and there are a variety of exercises and activities that you can do to hit and develop each of the gluteal muscles for that desired perfection.

So, let’s start with the basics…
The Anatomy & Physiology of the Glutes.
There are three muscles that make-up the gluteal muscle complex:

1. Gluteus Maximus (G-Max): this is the largest and most superficial of the gluteal muscles and forms the bulk of the buttock mass.

2. Gluteus Medius (G-Med): this is largely covered by the gluteus maximus.

3. Gluteus Minimus (G-Min): this is the smallest and deepest of the gluteal muscles.

I. Gluteus Maximus
The gluteus maximus is a large muscle and mostly used for extending the thigh. Surprisingly, it is not used while standing and is only minimally used when walking (unless you are walking on an incline). The gluteus maximus is utilized in more engaging exercises such as running sprints and climbing. Targeting this muscle will lead to a LARGER butt.

Exercises to strengthen G-Max include:
Single Leg Squats
Single Leg Deadlifts
Lunges (front, lateral, stationary, walking, etc.)
Stair Climbing
Cable Kickbacks

II. Gluteus Medius
The Gluteus Medius is defined as the middle muscle in each buttock, which acts to rotate the thigh, allowing for you to pull your leg out to the side. Working your gluteus medius will lead to a HIGHER butt.

Exercises to Strengthen G-Med include:
Side-lying hip abduction (leg raises)
Cable hip abduction
Seated Machine Hip Abduction
Single-leg squat
Lateral band walk
Single-leg deadlift
Plyometric Jumping Jacks

III. Gluteus Minimus
The Gluteus Minimus is similar to the medius. G-Min. allows you to extend from the hip through the thigh. The gluteus minimus is the smallest and deepest of all the gluteal muscles. To target this region, you need to incorporate squats into your exercise routine.

Exercises to strengthen G-Min include:
Hip Abductions (Side-lying, cable, seated)

Building and shaping your glutes so that they sit high off your legs, hard and muscular, yet round enough that they give that perfect silhouette to your figure is not impossible, and through incorporating a few different exercises into your training program you can definitely build better assets!



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