5 Things To Do at the Start Every Week

I have always been focused on achievement. I’m a “goals first” girl and I generate lists that help me do my best. A to-do list gives me a sense of control and makes me feel productive when I get work done. Every time I get to cross off a to-do, a little shot of adrenaline is mine. It keeps me motivated and focused on the next job to be done.

For most of us, having a productive work week starts on Monday. This means that if you block out your frustrations and change your mindset, Monday is the most important day of the work week! It’s a day of renewal!

Here are 5 things I TRY to do every Monday. Sometimes I don’t get through all of them but this approach has proven to be effective for me!

1. Go to bed early Sunday night and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

2. Say to myself “Here we go” Monday morning to symbolize that I am jumping into another busy week.

3. Review my list of goals for the week

4. Plan one fun thing to do the upcoming weekend.

5. Take a moment to remind myself how fortunate I am to be starting another week.

Even when I am distracted or overwhelmed with what’s going on, these 5 actions keep me grounded in what matters most. They set the stage for a productive and happy week.

Do you have any tricks for Mondays?


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