47 Bikini Competition Bag Essentials (to take Backstage and to the Contest)

GETFOXFIT | IFBB Bikini Fitness Athlete & Kidney Cancer Survivor Lisanne Keir

47 Bikini Competition Bag Essentials (www.getfoxfit.com)

With the Enercup competition just around the corner I thought it was high time to get cracking on the backstage bag list.

Esentials that you need for the competition and throughout the day.

Since we will be backstage for the most part, it’s important to try and have everything you need with you – also saves stress.

So, I have compiled a list below.

Have I missed anything?

Happy to hear your thoughts and comments in the box below 🙂

  1. Zip lock bags (to put your things in – like your bikini, jewellery, make up etc.  Since they are see-through you can easily find things.)
  2. Bikini
  3. Extra bikini (if you have that)
  4. Posing heels
  5. Extra posing heels (if you have them)
  6. Anti-slip pads for heels
  7. Black robe
  8. Black sweatpants, t-shirt / vest, hoodie
  9. Change of clothes (if you are going out after the show)
  10. Competition jewellery
  11. Make-up
  12. False eyelashes and glue
  13. League / competition…

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