Vegan Thanksgiving Options in Charlotte, Part IV: Eco-Licious

If you’re living in Charlotte, NC or surrounding cities, etc. here is some great information regarding began Thanksgiving menu options!!!


We’ve discussed the delicious vegan Thanksgiving offerings at Bean Vegan Cuisine and Fern, Flavors From The Garden.

But what if you want something that is … a little less traditional?

Something maybe a bit edgier?

Or a mix of classic and modern?

Like … oh, maybe tamales. With a side of green bean casserole.

Or a tart or a quiche for your main, with a whoopie pie for dessert.

Eco-Licious has got you covered.

This year, Eco-Licious has partnered with five (!) of Charlotte, NC’s top vegan companies for Thanksgiving pre-orders.

The Ethical Glutton is providing two flavors of tarts, Potato and Cashew “Chevre” with Parsley Walnut Pesto, or Butternut and Carmelized Onion with Cashew “Emmanthaler”. They are also providing two flavors of quiche – a classic Quiche Lorraine and a Mexicali Quiche.

The Masa Casa, Charlotte’s current “IT” food truck, is offering tamales (with a built-in steamer…

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