Friday Fitness Tip: Building Strong Shapely Shoulders

Did you know that having strong, shapely shoulders can make you look slimmer? Yes, that’s right! Not only is it sexy, but having shapely shoulders improves your posture and makes your waist look smaller (making you look slimmer) by balancing out your hips and thighs!!!

Having strong shoulder muscles is also important for the many activities we do in our daily lives (lifting our children, carrying groceries, etc).

Do you want to build strong, sculpted shoulders? If so, you will need to perform exercises to build up the front, side, and back parts of your shoulders–your deltoid muscles.

The overhead dumbbell press is an exercise that does just that! This exercise helps to develop the entire shoulder muscle group (anterior/front, lateral/side, and posterior/rear deltoids).

The Deltoids (Anatomy & Function)

2015/01/img_4343.jpgThe function of the Deltoid muscle group is essentially to move the arm away from the body.

The Anterior head raises it away to the front, the Lateral head up and away to the side and the Posterior head away to the rear.

Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press

Setup: Sit on a bench with a short back and hold a set of dumbbells at your shoulders with your palms forward and your elbows down.

Move: Press the weights straight up overhead, coming to a full extension without locking out. Slowly lower to the start and repeat right away.

Start with a weight that you are comfortable with and perform 3 sets (10-15 repetitions per set).

Tips: For variety, try pressing one weight at a time, alternating arms, to challenge your core as well as your shoulders.

The dumbbell overhead press can be done sitting or standing and with dumbbells horizontal along the shoulders or rotated in a hammer grip. A sitting position helps stabilize the back.



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